New Theory Says She-Hulk Could Lead To World War Hulk And Wolverine

A few days ago, it was rumored that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was developing a World War Hulk movie, which was set to start production as soon as next year. Of course, it remains unofficial and unconfirmed at this point, while we don’t know for sure if Universal have even ceded the character’s solo rights to Kevin Feige’s outfit.

We’ve also been inundated with speculation dating back years that Hulk vs. Wolverine was on the cards, but that’s never evolved beyond hearsay, either. However, a new theory from ComicBook outlines how upcoming Disney Plus series She-Hulk could get the ball rolling without having to deviate from the MCU’s official mythology.

The presence of Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner and Emil Blonsky doesn’t just give She-Hulk a trio of gamma-radiated figures, but the latter’s involvement ties the show directly to The Incredible Hulk, for so long viewed as the MCU’s red-headed stepchild. That technically meas that Tim Blake Nelson’s Samuel Sterns is out there somewhere, after the 2008 movie teased his transformation into the Leader.

Thaddeus Ross remains in the mix, and he’s not particularly fond of giant green rage monsters, so maybe he ends up trying to create more of his own fifteen years down the line in MCU chronology after the Banner and Blonsky experiments backfired spectacularly. Throw in potential debuts for Red Hulk and even variants thanks to Loki‘s introduction of the multiverse, and the franchise’s World War Hulk could reposition itself as Hulks vs. Hulks instead of Hulk vs. the world.

Finally, to combat the threat of so many Hulks, the MCU would see the Weapon X program funded to create an un-killable super soldier to track them down and take them out, leading directly to an adaptation of Wolverine’s first appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181. It’s a stretch, but it’s not the craziest theory we’ve ever heard by any means.