World War Hulk Movie Reportedly Starting Production In 2022

It seems that it’s not just She-Hulk that’s got something new in the works! A solo movie focusing on The Hulk may be starting production as soon as 2022 that is likely set to follow the upcoming Disney+ series about the mean green female lawyer which may already be greenlit for a second season. Get ready Marvel fans, because World War Hulk may finally be on its way!

According to reports from GWW, the rumors that Marvel has the rights back to use The Hulk are true and the new movie may be coming to us sooner than we expected. They speculate that the film won’t directly copy the events of the famous World War Hulk comics from 2007 but will perhaps take inspiration from them with multiple hulks battling each other or simply feature a world ruled by The Hulk in general.

We’ve previously reported that World Wark Hulk was in development so getting confirmation from another source makes things all the more interesting. With other rumors of just how bad Marvel wants to bring the story to the silver screen abundant as well, it’s possibly just a matter of time before we hear that a new Hulk movie is on the way.

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