New Venom: Let There Be Carnage Vignette Introduces Fans To Shriek


Venom: Let There Be Carnage is just days away in some regions of the world and Sony has given fans a closer look at one of the film’s characters thanks to a short promotional clip.

In this new clip shared by Sony, we meet one of the movie’s secondary villains Shriek and learn more about the importance of her character to the plot of the film. In previous trailers, we’ve simply had glimpses of the character played by Naomie Harris, but this new footage gives us insight into her motives.

Shriek is a character with the power to consume soundwaves to use as a weapon. Her character has been locked away in a special prison box for 25 years with the goal of reuniting with Cletus Kasady, more commonly known as the host of Carnage.

In the footage we see her make an escape from this prison thanks to Kasady and the pair take off into the night. In the voiceover, Harris explains that Kasady is the only person that she cares for and that together they not only have a lot of fun but are extremely terrifying.

Shriek whose real name is Frances Barrison is another of the new characters debuting in this upcoming Venom sequel. It isn’t clear how significant her character will become to the greater Sony Spider-Man Universe, however, she will be quite important during the events of this film.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is scheduled to hit theatres on October 1st.