Nicolas Cage To Star In Philly Fury, Yet Another Kidnapping Movie


Stolen. Rage. Trespass. It seems like Nicolas Cage can’t stay away from movies that involve kidnapping. If those three movies were “a phase” then we can consider it one that’s ongoing, as the Cagester has signed up to star in another kidnap thriller called Philly Fury.

Steven C. Miller (Marauders, Silent Night) directs from a script by Jason Mosberg. The story is described by Variety as “about a Philadelphia businessman whose deadbeat brother is kidnapped for a large ransom – leading everyone to believe that the brother is involved in the kidnapping. Cage’s character, who’s also a mobster, is forced to take action on his own.” It sounds like plenty of Cage’s previous roles, but I never tire from watching him bring on the Cage Rage, which he probably will in this.

Before he starts work on Philly Fury, Cage is stepping behind the camera to direct an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ Rape: A Love Story. Retitled Vengeance: A Love Story for the screen version, it follows a cop who makes it his priority to find a gang of rapists who brutally attacked a thirty-year old single mother. It sounds remarkably similar to his 2011 film Justice, in which he starred as a man seeking justice on the man who raped his wife.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Cage is stuck in some sort of cinematic Groundhog Day, forced to remake the same movies over and over?