Nightwing Movie Might Be Back On The Table At DC


The DCEU is infamous for having various projects announced but few of them actually making it to the screen. For instance, The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay was attached to helm a Nightwing pic back in 2017. For a while there, McKay happily spoke about the project on social media and it looked set to go somewhere. Unfortunately, though, things have gone quiet on that front for a long time. But maybe there’s still hope of it happening.

If you’ll recall, a curious Twitter account with the username @NightwingMovie was set up back in 2017. It appeared to tweet for the first time ever yesterday, sharing nothing but “…” Take that how you will, but the tweet has since gone viral as fans are keeping their fingers crossed that this means the movie’s now back on the table.

Of course, we don’t know anything about this account just yet, or whether it’s connected to the production or McKay in any way, but with nothing having progressed on the Nightwing front for ages, fans are taking what they can get.

After all, it’s very possible that the film could be restarted now given how the rebooted Bat-mythos of the DCEU is taking shape. Robert Pattinson has been cast as Bruce Wayne in The Batman, which we’ve heard Warner Bros. are hoping to use as a springboard for various Bat-family spinoffs, including Batgirl and a Catwoman flick. Director Matt Reeves has even said he wants to use Robin in The Batman or one of its sequels.

So, maybe that franchise could introduce Dick Grayson before he gets his own vehicle in the form of Nightwing? After all, our own sources have said DC still has plans for the hero, with Stranger Things‘ Joe Keery being eyed for the role. In fact, that scoop came to us just the other day and when coupled with this Tweet now, it’s certainly starting to look like the studio may be getting ready to announce something soon. Fingers crossed.