‘No Way Home’ fans are already hyped for Spider-Monday

As you’ll no doubt be aware, tickets for Spider-Man: No Way Home go on sale tomorrow in an event that’s been dubbed Spider-Monday, and it’s already causing widespread hysteria on the internet.

It’s hard to remember any other occasion when something as trivial as the opportunity to purchase a theater ticket has generated so much fervor, but then again, No Way Home has been riding a wave of unstoppable momentum ever since it was first confirmed to be a multiversal adventure.

Some folks are hedging their bets on a surprise or two being revealed by Sony and Marvel Studios tomorrow, and while that’s hardly a guarantee, even the prospect of confirming their attendance on opening night has been enough to cause a firestorm on Twitter, as you can see from the reactions below.

Recent reports have indicated that press screenings for Spider-Man: No Way Home will begin next week, and looking at what happened with Eternals’ post-credits surprise, there’s probably going to be an NDA requirement for all those in attendance.

Of course, that isn’t going to stop the leaks, but maybe we’ll get another little appetizer tomorrow ahead of the full meal on Dec. 17, when you can bet every shred of plot information will be posted online for everyone to see.