‘Nobody’ producer teases Bob Odenkirk action sequel


Even though it’s been less than a decade since they received their respective first major credits behind the camera, action fans will know to expect a certain level of quality when they see David Leitch or Derek Kolstad’s names attached to a project.

Between them, they’ve been involved in the John Wick franchise, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Hobbs & Shaw, Netflix’s Kate, and the acclaimed Nobody. One of last year’s finest actioners, Bob Odenkirk kicked all sorts of ass in the latter as everyman Hutch Mansell, who turned out to be a whole lot more than the mundane family man everyone around him believed.

On top of strong reviews from critics, Nobody earned a respectable $57 million at the box office on a $16 million budget while the theatrical industry was still suffering through the worst of the pandemic, but as of yet a sequel hasn’t officially been announced by Universal.

However, Kolstad has hinted that he’s in the process of writing it, Odenkirk is desperate to get the band back together, and now Leitch has teased on social media that he can’t wait to get started, as you can see below.

We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of Nobody‘s initial release, which would be the ideal time to announce that the second installment has been given the green light. The opener was an acclaimed and profitable enterprise that went on to play very well on VOD and streaming, so there’s surely no reason why the studio would turn down the opportunity of having Odenkirk tool up at least once more.

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