Nora Ephron Dies At Age 71

Writer and director Nora Ephron, whose filmography included Julie & Julia, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally…, and You’ve Got Mail, has died after a battle with leukemia, according to Entertainment Weekly. She was 71 years old.

Ephron’s interest in screenwriting launched when she married famed Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein. The two collaborated to rewrite William Goldman’s script for All the President’s Men, which was based on the true story of Bernstein and Bob Woodward uncovering the Watergate scandal that lead to President Richard Nixon’s resignation. The script that Bernstein and Ephron worked on was never used though and Ephron and Bernstein divorced in 1980.

Ephron was nominated for three Academy Awards for her screenplays for Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. Though she never won an Oscar, When Harry Met Sally… did win her a BAFTA in 1990.

Ephron is survived by her husband, screenwriter Nicolas Pileggi, and her sons, Jacob and Max Bernstein.