Norman Reedus fuels ‘Ghost Rider’ speculation online

ghost rider
Image via Marvel Comics

Even though the rights to the character have belonged to Marvel Studios for almost a decade, and Kevin Feige has never touted the iconic antihero as a particularly high priority, fans of the producer’s cinematic universe have spent years trying to will a new spin on Ghost Rider into existence.

Not only that, but the ideal casting choice almost always boils down to two contenders above all others; action movie legend Keanu Reeves, and The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus. Both are big names with a noted love of motorcycles, but the latter has been far more vocal in admitting that he’d love to inherit the role of Johnny Blaze.

Various rumors have been bubbling away over the festive season, claiming that Marvel know who they want as Ghost Rider, and it isn’t Keanu. Naturally, this led to an increase in Reedus-related chatter, to which the actor responded by liking several tweets across the weekend that touted him as the flame-skulled Spirit of Vengeance.

It could always just be a spot of light trolling on his part, because it’s been made perfectly clear he’d jump at the opportunity to embody Ghost Rider were it to come his way, but a lot of Reedus enthusiasts will be hoping that there’s something more substantial to his social media activity.