Why That Rumored Obi-Wan Movie Plot Synopsis Is Probably Garbage


It’d be pretty funny if Disney and Lucasfilm decided they weren’t actually going to make an Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone movie. After all, the internet has already decided that Stephen Daldry is set to direct, that a plot has been settled on and that shooting is to begin in Spring 2019. More recently, TMZ revealed a supposed synopsis, which explained that this was to be a prequel to A New Hope that shows Obi-Wan forced out of hiding on Tatooine when tensions rise “between the local farmers and a tribe of Sand People – headed by a ruthless war chief.”

First of all, no shit that an Obi-Wan movie would be a prequel to A New Hope, because if you’ve been paying really close attention, you’ll have noticed that he dies in it. Secondly, eagle-eyed fans have realized that this “summary” is suspiciously similar to the Amazon synopsis of the 2013 Expanded Universe novel Kenobi, which explains that “as tensions escalate between the farmers and a tribe of Sand People led by a ruthless war chief, Ben finds himself drawn into the fight, endangering the very mission that brought him to Tatooine.”

Some have speculated that this could simply mean that Obi-Wan is adapting the plot of Kenobi – which appears to be a very well-received Star Wars novel. But as far as I’m concerned, this is delusional. Disney simply aren’t going to adapt an existing story, especially something released under the Legends banner. What’s far more likely is that some prankster decided to see if they could fool everyone and took the easiest route to doing that.

Having said all that, I still think the Obi-Wan movie is likely to happen and if it does, I really hope Ewan McGregor gets a final stab at the role. For all the prequels’ problems, he was consistently great in them, even when wrestling with some truly terrible dialogue. As such, I’d love to see his take on the character in a solid movie. C’mon Disney and Lucasfilm, give the fans what they want!

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