Gerard Butler Comments On If He Watches Ryan Reynolds’ Movies

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler surprisingly admitted on Sept. 8 that he doesn’t watch any of Ryan Reynold’s films. This admission comes after the 51-year-old discussed Reynold’s latest acting role while doing a press tour for Copshop.

According to Deadline, Copshop is a movie about a police station ultimately becoming a battleground between a professional hitman portrayed by Butler, a female cop, and a con man. The film also stars Alexis Louder, and Frank Grillo.

While promoting the action thriller set be released on September 17th, with his co-star Alexis Louder he shared with Unilad what initially prompt him to take this role. Bulter said, “Weirdly, I had Copshop in my back pocket for quite a while. I just wasn’t sure if I was gonna go that way. It was in the middle of the pandemic, and I thought… you know what? This actually feels like the kind of movie where it can be outrageous, irreverent and a lot of fun, just complete escapism.”

He added despite playing a villainous character fans would be stunned to see the other elements to him:

“For me to get a chance to go play the villain, the hit man, a killer, brutal, but with some surprising elements to his character… you put all these crazy people into the one room essentially and have this stand-off, I thought we could get something that could be really fun, thrilling, exciting, scary, outrageous, surreal and then end up with complete mayhem. How can you not want to see that?”

The interview took a slight turn after Butler began talking about his 2009 sci-fi Gamer. A film which follows death row inmates as they forcefully battle and attempt to survive thirty sessions in a “Doom-type environment” in order to be set free. Because the initial film showed relation to Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy, Butler was asked if he seen the movie, in which he quickly responded, “I actually don’t know what Free Guy is.” In between laughing takes, Looper informed him that it was Reynold’s latest film as he quipped, “Oh s–t is it… I don’t watch Ryan Reynolds movies.”

Although it is unclear why Gerard Butler doesn’t watch any of Reynolds’ films, it is being reported that the reason behind the Free Guy mishap was because he was filming in Puerto Rico.