Lionsgate Bringing Gamer To 3D Blu-Ray In May

Lionsgate has announced a brand-new 3D release of Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor’s Gamer for Blu-Ray in May. The film stars Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall and Ludacris.

In an odd new marketing move Lionsgate has decided to team-up with Samsung to re-release certain catalog titles on 3D Blu-Ray. One of the first to test the waters is Neveldine/Taylor’s hyper-kinetic actioner Gamer, starring Gerard Butler. The film was originally released in 2009 to mostly negative reviews. I enjoyed it, because I absolutely love Neveldine/Taylor’s filming style, but even I can admit  that they sometimes go a little too overboard. I’m curious to see how they implement 3D, because if done right this could look really good.

Gamer is obviously getting a post-conversion, which means we should expect a lot of shots to look weirdly stretched out for field of depth, but at the same time I’d think most of the post-production CGI, like the film’s in-game HUD’s, should look pretty damn awesome popping off of the screen.

I know The Descent is another title that should be coming out soon, which could also make good use of the added dimension, but for now Gamer is going to have to be the big title to see if the market for post-converted older titles is worth it.

Lionsgate will be releasing the film with a 3D Blu-Ray, a 2D Blu-Ray and a digital copy. The following special feature has been confirmed:

  • Inside the Game: Controlling Gamer featurette

Expect the same 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track to accompany the film’s 1080p video transfer.

Do you think Gamer will benefit from 3D? Are there any Lionsgate titles that you’d love to see get the post-conversion?

Gamer is scheduled to street in 3D on May 7th, 2013.