Old-School IMAX Poster For Transformers: The Last Knight Tees Up The Advent Of Dragonstorm


Dragonstorm, a Cybertronian knight whose final form is a monstrous three-headed dragon, looms over the official IMAX poster for Paramount’s imminent blockbuster, Transformers: The Last Knight.

With a June 21st release date fast approaching, Michael Bay’s cadre of robots are now beginning to come into view – walking on to center stage against a backdrop of fireworks and CGI carnage. That means it won’t be too long before Paramount blows the lid off another trailer, and sure enough, the studio’s Twitter account brings confirmation that the new and seemingly final stinger for The Last Knight will roar online at some point tomorrow. We will, as always, have full coverage for you right here on We Got This Covered, so keep your peepers peeled on the site between 9am-10am ET tomorrow morning.

Here’s confirmation of that announcement, via Twitter:

What can we expect from The Last Knight‘s final full-length promo? Who knows. The fact that the film’s recent media dump doubled down on the sequel’s historical roots – “for a thousand years we’ve kept it hidden, the secret history of Transformers” – leads us to believe that Paramount will swing the pendulum back to the present day, possibly spotlighting the likes of Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhamel and John Turturro in the process.

That trio very much comprises the old guard of the Transformers universe, and it’ll be fascinating to see how they play opposite the fresh faces of Transformers: The Last Knight – namely Isabela Moner, Anthony Hopkins and Mark Wahlberg, though it’s worth noting the latter headlined Age of Extinction three years ago. It’s a sequel Michael Bay deems to be “kind of an outlier” within the ever-expanding Transformers universe. Said he: “Because of losing Shia and just figuring out where we were gonna go. It was testing the waters a little bit. This gets us back in the groove.”

Transformers: The Last Knight will be with us on June 21st.