On the 10th anniversary of its release, it turns out everyone loves ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

via Sony

Virtually everyone is showing love for The Amazing Spider-Man on its 10th anniversary, which can be attributed more to sentimentality over honest assessment.

The fourth major Spider-Man film and the first to star Andrew Garfield as the titular webslinger, The Amazing Spider-Man debuted in America on July 3, 2012, and went on to gross nearly $758 million worldwide. Critically, the film was just as successful, as it is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 72 percent. However, the web-strewn bar is extremely high. Seventy-two percent puts The Amazing Spider-Man as the third-worst Spidey cine, beaten by only Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Judging by today’s Twitter feed, though, you’d think that The Amazing Spider-Man is the greatest Spider-Man film with a 100 percent approval rating.

In addition to anniversary sentimentality, the monumental success of Spider-Man: No Way Home has likely softened people’s opinions of the film. No Way Home put Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in an orgy of nostalgia that made spectators blow a whopping $1.9 billion. They also blew up Rotten Tomatoes so that, at 98 percent, No Way Home has one of the highest audience scores ever registered.

On the heels of such a beloved release, few people are looking at Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man negatively.

Of course, some people are shocked that a decade elapsed since The Amazing Spider-Man‘s debut.

The Amazing Spider-Man was never disliked as a whole, but it wasn’t liked as much as it is on its 10th anniversary. Nostalgia and No Way Home have helped rehabilitate its reputation.