One ‘Lightyear’ character is destined to steal the show, and it ain’t Buzz

Buzz Lightyear
Image via Disney/Pixar

Pixar’s latest cinematic adventure takes to the stars with Lightyear, the origin story of the greatest spaceman to ever grace the galaxy. With the film set to release exclusively in theaters on June 17, we are days away from launching into unknown territory. Introducing a cast of truly unique characters, it looks like Lightyear already has a fan favorite; Sox, the robotic cat companion.

Fans have had a hard time trying to place Lightyear in the larger Pixar canon, mainly because most thought Buzz Lightyear was a simple toy, “…a child’s play thing.” That fact still rings true when it comes to Lightyear because much like in our real-world, action figures have origin stories. There are movies, television shows, and books dedicated to the toys we see on store shelves — and Lightyear is no different. This is the story justifying the toy, and explaining in the coolest way possible how Buzz came to be.

Yet amongst all the fawning over Buzz, played by actor Chris Evans, those who have already seen the film can’t deny that its breakout star is none other than the robotic cat Sox. Injecting humor and playfulness into an otherwise action filled fun fest, Sox is able to cut the tension and be just the type of support animal Buzz needs in a pinch.

That seems pretty on brand for a cat, even a robotic one. Who could doubt that many felines around the globe sporadically bring a good deal of happiness to their owners, as well as terror. No matter what happens, we’re just glad Sox is on our side.