Optimus Prime Leaps Into Action In New Bumblebee Trailer


For most moviegoers, the Transformers franchise represents the modern Hollywood blockbuster at its most overdone and unpleasant, and after the underwhelming performance of Transformers: The Last Knight, the pressure’s definitely on for Bumblebee to course-correct this once wildly successful sci-fi series.

Fortunately, the Travis Knight-helmed spinoff looks to be a more enjoyable affair than what came before it and has already earned the curiosity of some of the franchise’s long-time detractors. Now, a new international trailer has rolled out online and though it doesn’t show off much in the way of fresh footage, it still paints a picture of what looks to be a step in the right direction for the Autobots. Not to mention we also get a few more glimpses of Optimus Prime, which is always welcome.

Packed full of action, teases of a coming of age story and, surprisingly, a little bit of heart, Bumblebee will no doubt be a big departure from what we’ve come to expect from this over the top franchise, but it also might be just what it needs after the last few films have disappointed. If nothing else, the upcoming spinoff certainly looks a heck of a lot better than The Last Knight.

After the relatively poor box office returns of the aforementioned Last Knight, this next film looks to mark a notable change in direction for the property, and while reports of the studio hitting the reset button on the franchise may have proven exaggerative, it’s clear that Transformers is need of fresh ideas if it wants to survive.

We’ll see if Bumblebee can put this sci-fi saga on the right track when it hits theaters on December 21st. In the meantime, feel free to take to the comments section down below and let us know if you’re willing to give the Autobots one more chance when the spinoff arrives later this year.