Another Original Halloween Star May Return For Upcoming Sequels

Halloween 2018

One of the many great things that the Halloween franchise does right is the way the series constantly brings back actors to reprise their roles. This allows audiences to steadily build a connection with these characters, making their grisly deaths even more impactful if/when they occur. For example, Danielle Harris has popped up in four installments, while the late Donald Pleasance is credited in five. Plenty of former Halloween performers, including Harris, have made it clear that they’d love to reappear in the upcoming sequels as well and according to Tom Atkins, Charles Cyphers may be the next to get that opportunity.

Atkins starred in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, which is most known for being the only entry that didn’t feature Michael Myers, and has already expressed his desire to return to the series in some way, shape or form. According to Atkins though, fellow franchise regular Cyphers is now joining the cast.

“I think Chuck is going to be in this next one. He was in a bunch of those early ones, the original and a bunch thereafter. So he’s going to be in it.”

This would be a really awesome throwback to fans of the original films, who’ll know that Cyphers portrayed Leigh Brackett in the first couple of movies. The sheriff of Haddonfield, Illinois was also the father of Annie, who met her unfortunate demise when Michael Myers silently ambushed her from the backseat of her car. The character was so pivotal to the franchise that Rob Zombie even brought him back for his 2007 reboot, portrayed this time by Brad Dourif.

Last year’s Halloween picked up right where the first movie left off, ignoring all of the many sequels. As such, this definitely opens the door for Brackett’s return, especially now that the monster who killed his daughter is once again on the loose. It’s still unknown if Cyphers will be playing the sheriff again or just pop up for a quick cameo, but either way, we’re glad to hear that he’s back.

Halloween Kills hits theaters on October 16th, 2020 with Halloween Ends following on its heels one year later, on October 15th.