Original Michael Myers Actor Teases His Halloween Kills Cameo


2018’s Halloween was a real love letter to the 1978 original. Not only did it bring back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and John Carpenter as composer, but original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle was invited to return for the movie, too. Both Curtis and Carpenter are, of course, involved with the sequel Halloween Kills, and as has been previously confirmed, so is Castle. Now, the horror legend has teased a little bit about his cameo in the upcoming film.

While speaking on The Thing With Two Heads podcast, Castle didn’t want to spoil anything so neglected to go into specific details, but worried that his appearance this time may be cut from the finished version of David Gordon Green’s movie.

“I actually did the scene … there was only one scene, I can’t tell what it is, I won’t say what it is, but we’ll see, it’s an interesting one, because it’s definitely something I can imagine being cut out, which I hope is not gonna happen,” Castle confirmed. “For post-production, I did all the breathing for The Shape through the whole thing and I don’t remember seeing it, maybe I’m just forgetting, but we’ll see.”

Thankfully, Castle’s fears may be unfounded as make-up effects designer Christopher Nelson was also involved with the chat and pointed out that his cameo was silent so he wouldn’t have had to dub Myers’ breathing over it. Nelson explained: “There isn’t room for it, for the breathing, you wouldn’t need the breathing at that scene.”

Younger performer James Jude Courtney plays The Shape in the Blumhouse movies, but Castle was asked to don the William Shatner mask again for a single shot in the 2018 flick, recreating his classic creepy head-tilt. It’s worth pointing out that this wide shot was also silent, and didn’t feature Myers’ familiar breathing sounds, so it’s likely that Castle’s role in Kills is something along the same lines as his last one.

Halloween Kills is set to slash its way into theaters on October 15th, 2021.