Paramount Reportedly Considering R-Rated Transformers Movie

Optimus Prime Transformers

Michael Bay’s five Transformers movies may have raked in close to $4.5 billion at the box office, but even diehard fans of the property will admit that they kept getting progressively worse. And by the time The Last Knight drew to a close after a mind-numbing 149 minutes of tedious exposition, awful dialogue and incomprehensible scenes of pixels smashing into other pixels, it was clear the franchise was in need of a fresh start.

It spoke volumes that the first entry without Bay behind the camera was the best by a country mile, although audiences had clearly grown weary of the Autobots and Decepticons after Bumblebee raked in a solid, if unspectacular by previous standards, haul of $468 million globally, despite boasting a Rotten Tomatoes score higher than Revenge of the Fallen, Dark of the Moon, Age of Extinction and The Last Knight combined.

Paramount assembled twelve writers to map out the future of the franchise, and between them they produced just two scripts that made it to the big screen, and as far as we know, Creed II director Steven Caple Jr. isn’t using any pre-existing material for his upcoming reboot, which was given the green light ahead of the Beast Wars adaptation being penned by White House Down and Zodiac‘s James Vanerbilt.

However, insider Daniel Richtman now claims that the studio have far from given up on the idea of a Transformers cinematic universe, and that they’re even discussing the idea of doing an R-rated project, which seems completely unnecessary if you ask us. After all, box office takings dropped by over half a billion dollars between the fourth and fifth movies, and alienating a huge part of the younger audience is a risky move just so you can have Optimus Prime tell Megatron to go f*ck himself.