Paramount Unleashes A Ton Of New Promotional Material For Noah


With under a month to go now until visionary director Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah, hits theatres, Paramount is continuing the marketing push. It’s a good thing, too, as the film has been dividing moviegoers right down the middle for some time now, despite the fact that it still hasn’t been released and not one review has surfaced.

Of course, the controversy stems from the story that’s being told here, that of Noah’s Ark. Given that Aronofsky is putting his own spin on the tale, and not sticking strictly to the version found in the bible, it’s easy to see why some (especially religious groups) would be upset with what looks to be more of an action-packed take on the story of Earth’s greatest flood.

Today, the studio has released a handful of new photos as well as a TV spot and motion poster for us to feast our eyes on. Keeping in line with previous promo material, it all looks very impressive and serves to show off the immense scope that Aronofsky is going for. This is his biggest film to date, no doubt, but it certainly looks like he’s up to the challenge.

Led by an all-star cast that boasts names like Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelley and Anthony Hopkins, Noah is a very ambitious project that could just as easily bomb as it could become an early awards contender. Judging by everything we’ve seen so far though, and considering Darren Aronofsky’s beyond impressive track record (he hasn’t made a bad movie yet), I think that the film will fall into the latter category.

Aronofsky is one of the greatest American directors of our generation, wowing us with his feature-length debut Pi, and continuing to meet and surpass our expectations with every one of his films ever since. Even with something like The Fountain, a movie that not many people really caught onto, Aronofsky captivates an audience in ways that not many other directors can. He knows that there’s a lot riding on Noah and at this point, I can’t see him, or the studio, dropping the ball.

Noah lands in theatres on March 28th. Check out the new promo material below and let us know if you think Aronofsky will go 6 f0r 6.