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‘Insidious’ star Patrick Wilson reveals which overdone horror franchise he would rather steer clear of

We don't blame him.

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After starring in cinematic commodities such as the Conjuring universe and the ever-popular Insidious franchise, modern-day scream king Patrick Wilson is certainly no stranger to building a film series’ reputation. That being said, there are a select few franchises in the extensive genre that are better off untouched — if not for the sole purpose that too many movies in the franchise already exist. This is essentially the case for The Amityville Horror film series, which Wilson himself insisted was a tad overdone.

While chatting in an exclusive Reddit AMA, Wilson was soon asked whether or not he would indulge in more Amityville-related cases in future Conjuring films helmed by Wan. As lighthearted as one can be, Wilson insisted that there are “A LOT” of Amityville movies already. And let’s face it, 11 Amityville projects in one single year would most certainly fit the bill of “a lot.” You can check out the exchange for yourself down below:

Of course, it’s certainly not surprising that horror fanatics — and Wilson die-hards, specifically — are itching for another Conjuring film directed by horror aficionado Wan. Then again, with original flicks such as Malignant taking off after its initial release for Wan and Wilson now directing his own Insidious project, it might be time to accept the fact that both figures could be moving on from the Conjuring timeline.

Although, we should never say never — especially when it comes to the colossal horror genre, which is known to recycle ideas of the past. Denying focusing on Amityville cases in future films could be the exact thing a director and actor who are working on said material would say. For now, we’ll focus on Wan and Patrick Wilson teaming up to deliver Insidious: The Red Door on July 7.

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