Milla Jovovich Looks Fierce In New Monster Hunter Photo

Monster Hunter

Paul W.S. Anderson recently did an interview with Empire magazine where he talked about his upcoming action-adventure film Monster Hunter. And among other things, the director commented on a new still from the movie that detailed the look of his characters.

Monster Hunter is based on a popular Japanese RPG franchise of the same name, and this photo – seen below – should look familiar to anyone who’s played any entry in the series before.  Like the games, Anderson’s film appears to be set in a world in which humanity lives in a state similar to those of hunter gatherers in prehistoric times. Certain technologies and complex social organization exist, but progress is by and large halted by a hostile environment.

As the name suggests, the characters in Monster Hunter share their universe with giant, bloodthirsty and incredibly powerful monsters. But the humans aren’t completely helpless. Through trial and error, they’ve found ways in which they can combat the behemoths.

In the film, actress Milla Jovovich – best known for her roles in Resident Evil and its many sequels – plays Lieutenant Artemis, and speaking about what to expect from her, here’s what Anderson had to say:

“Although Milla’s character’s not specifically in the game, she chose the same armour and weapons she uses in the game, so there were aspects of her game character that got folded into the movie representation.”

Apparently, Jovovich not only played the game herself, but picked her costume based on which in-game armor suited her best. “I experimented with different weapons during the game,” she said, “and was able to kill more monsters with those blades.”

Of course, video game movies don’t have the best track record – even if the genre has been seeing a bit more success as of late – but Anderson certainly knows his way around action and Jovovich is a more than capable lead. Hopefully, then, they’ll be able to continue the streak started by recent efforts like Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Tell us, though, are you excited to see Monster Hunter on the big screen? Let us know in the comments section below.