Peter Parker And MJ Reportedly Set For Heartache In Future Spider-Man Movies

Spider-Man MJ

Ever since the character first debuted almost 60 years ago, Peter Parker’s relationship troubles and numerous heartbreaks have always been a key part of who Spider-Man is. While the web-slinger often gets the girl, he doesn’t find it anywhere near as simple or straightforward as many of his costumed crimefighting counterparts.

If it isn’t the death of Gwen Stacy or the simmering tension with Felicia Hardy, then it’s the love of his life Mary Jane Watson that’s causing the kid from Queens so much emotional turmoil. We’ve seen it play out in various guises across the previous two Spider-Man franchises, but as of yet Tom Holland’s Peter hasn’t had his heart torn in two during his tenure as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, a new rumor from tipster Mikey Sutton claims that Holland’s second Spider-Man trilogy will see him torn away from Zendaya’s MJ, before countless obstacles are thrown in their path towards reconciliation. While the stars are technically free agents following the release of December’s No Way Home, it would be pretty safe to assume that neither Sony or Marvel Studios have any plans to stop churning out new Spidey blockbusters.

As harsh as it sounds, happiness doesn’t make for exciting storytelling, so if Peter and MJ get their happily ever after by the time the credits roll on December’s threequel, we can expect it to be relatively short-lived should Sutton’s information pan out. The encouraging news is that Spider-Man always comes back stronger regardless of how heavily the physical, emotional or romantic odds are stacked against him, so he’ll be fine in the long run.