Petition To Resurrect Tony Stark In The MCU’s Nearly Reached Its Goal

Iron Man Infinity War

You know, I sometimes want to just copy and paste my frustrations about these absurd petitions and not give this insane topic the time of day. And yet, I still do, and will probably keep on doing so

Yes, in the age of online complaining, in which groups of people think their digital signature will persuade the actions of multi-billion dollar movie studios, there’s another “document” that’s picked up a lot of steam. And that’s the one requesting Marvel Studios bring Tony Stark back to life in the MCU.

The iconic individual behind Iron Man met a bittersweet end in the climax of Avengers: Endgame. And while it was a fitting, heartfelt goodbye to the hero who pioneered cinematic universes as we know them today, there are still plenty of people who can’t say goodbye. And by plenty, I mean tens of thousands.

At the time of writing, the petition has acquired just a bit more than 62,000 signatures, which is beyond 80% of its goal of 75,000.

Now, should the site gain 13,000 more supporters, there’s practically zero chance Marvel will backtrack on their perfect Endgame send-off and bring Tony back (at least not in the same way we’ve known him). For those of you who’ve seen Far From Home though, you’ll know that Stark may be gone, but he’s obviously not forgotten, as Peter Parker spends a great deal of the film mourning the loss of his mentor and coming to terms with living in a world without Tony.

And for better or for worse, it seems that’s more than likely the extent to which Iron Man will ever appear again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: as a fond memory.