First Photo Of Julianne Moore As Sarah Palin In HBO’s Game Change

I have to say when I first heard that Julianne Moore would be playing Sarah Palin in a new HBO drama Game Change, I thought it was a genius bit of casting. It is one of those moments where actor and part come together and you say to yourself “Oh yeah, that would really work.” And today’s photograph of Julianne Moore in full Palin mode just supports that even more.

Even if the photo is kinda goofy, and intentionally so, she looks the part. The hair and glasses combo is perfect, and the film promises to be an interesting one judging by the talent behind Moore, who is headlining the movie. Ed Harris, a great actor, will play the presidential campaigner John McCain and Woody Harrelson will play Steven Schmidt who was McCain’s senior advisor.

The film will be directed by Jay Roach, yes the same Jay Roach who brought us Meet the Fockers and Dinner for Schmucks. But also the same Jay Roach who won a Best Directing Emmy for Recount in 2008, a brilliant HBO TV movie about the Florida vote recounts in 2000. Game Change will reunite Roach will writer/actor Danny Strong who also wrote Recount. Presumably he’ll be taking a similar approach in this film which will follow the failed Republican campaign for presidency in 2008. The TV movie is expected to debut later in the year. (The Hollywood Reporter)