First Photo Of Ryan Reynolds In Atom Egoyan’s Queen Of The Night


That chunk o’hunk, Ryan Reynolds proves he’s not afraid to cry. Or wear a hat. At least in this first image from the upcoming thriller, Queen Of The Night he isn’t. The latest from director Atom Egoyan tells the story of a grieving father struggling to come to terms with the fate of his missing daughter. Reynolds is joined by Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson, Mireille Enos and Kevin Durand.

From the looks of this photo, it might turn out to be…well, a bit of a spoiler. Scope it out below, then judge for yourself after reading the film’s official synopsis:

In Atom Egoyan’s new thriller, QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, Ryan Reynolds plays Matthew, the father of an abducted child, Cass. Eight years after his daughter’s abduction, a series of disturbing clues surface, convincing Matthew that Cass, now 17, is still alive. In a terrifying race against time, Matthew, the detectives, and even Cass herself must play their parts in unravelling the mystery of her disappearance and freeing her from captivity.

Director Egoyan’s name is not the only thing about the director that screams iconoclast. The director’s resume spans across film and television and through a variety of genres. His most recent works you’d recognise are 2005’s Where The Truth Lies and the bizarre romp, Chloe. Delving further into his back catalogue, the Armenian director also shot an episode of The Twilight Zone, and the Bob Hoskins-vehicle, Felicia’s Journey.

Egoyan isn’t afraid to take risks. He recently wrapped on Devil’s Knot, a movie based on a true story. The film, about the West Memphis Three, tells of the three teenagers falsely accused of murdering three young boys. Currently in post-production, it is scheduled to hit cinemas on October 24th.

Queen Of The Night is one of many films with a Cannes agenda. It’s already secured Canadian distribution with the hopes of attracting more attention at the festival. More news and photos on the film when it’s announced.