Pixar Announces The Good Dinosaur Plot And Voice Cast

The Good Dinosaur


If you’ve been waiting for details concerning Disney and Pixar’s upcoming film The Good Dinosaur, then wait no longer! The company took to the D23 expo to announce a whole host of details, including cast and plot.

The Good Dinosaur operates on the proposition that dinosaurs never went extinct and the asteroid that actually destroyed them missed Earth completely. Instead, they apparently became farmers, or at least some of them did, acting as bulldozers (Triceratops), mowers (Stegasaurus) and plowmen (Apatosaurs). The film follows the fortunes of Arlo, a teenage Apatosaur, who goes off on a quest to restore peace after a traumatic event in his community. Along the way he meets Spot, the first human any dinosaur has seen.

The voice cast for The Good Dinosaur is as impressive as we’ve come to expect from Disney/Pixar. Lucas Neff (Raising Hopevoices Arlo, John Lithgow plays his father and Frances McDormand is his mother. Bill Hader and Neil Patrick Harris take on the roles of two brothers Forrest and Cliff, and Judy Greer plays Ivy.

According to early reports on the footage shown at D23, The Good Dinosaur looks pretty impressive. Again: do we expect anything LESS than impressive from Pixar?

The plot itself sounds a bit silly, but this is Pixar. I thought that the plot of WALL-E seemed silly when I first heard about it, and now it’s my favorite Pixar film by far. These guys know how to put heart and detail into a story that from another company would probably just be bright and vapid.

The Good Dinosaur will hit theatres on May 30, 2014, so we have a long time to wait before we get to see all the dinos in action. As of right now, though, I’m excited.

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