PlayStation Exclusive Demon’s Souls Is Reportedly Getting A Movie

Demon's Souls

It would seem that Sony’s eagerness to bring several of its major PlayStation franchises to the big screen knows no bounds.

Most will be aware, of course, that the company has already greenlit adaptations of the incredibly popular Uncharted and Last of Us series, but what’s next? Well, according to a new report by Giant Freakin Robot, none other than FromSoftware’s cherished Demon’s Souls is being considered for live-action. Though the site declines to share the identity of its “trusted” source, the same whistleblower is said to have provided accurate scoops in the past, so while this one could prove true as well, the lack of any further information leads us to little more than a dead end.

Still, it would be an interesting choice, to say the least, especially as the game – which was remade last year by Bluepoint Games as a PlayStation 5 exclusive launch title – certainly wouldn’t be described as having the same mass appeal as either of Naughty Dog’s aforementioned IP. It’s worth noting, too, that this unconfirmed project concerns Demon’s Souls and not Dark Souls. The reason for this, one can only assume, is that Sony owns the former while publisher Bandai Namco owns the latter. That being the case, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the kingdoms of Lordran or Lothric appear in cinema anytime soon, though Boletaria is absolutely fair game.

Demon's Souls

For those not aware of the story, Demon’s Souls takes place in the latter. Once beautiful, the kingdom’s monarch, King Allant, unwittingly unleashed an ancient entity – the Old One – leading to the region’s invasion by a horde of demons. As an unnamed warrior, you’re tasked with vanquishing the Old One and its minions to restore peace and some semblance of order to Boletaria.

Pretty standard fantasy fiction, then, but considering the minimalist approach to storytelling favored by creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, there’d certainly be plenty of room for interpretation for anyone involved in such a project. Is adapting the game into a movie a good or bad decision, though? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!