New Poster For Warm Bodies Shows Zombies Give Flowers Too

Summit Entertainment is determined to not let the end of Twilight be the end of their involvement in the paranormal teen-romance genre. Their next endeavor? Warm Bodies, the heartwarming tale of a zombie who falls for a normal girl. Or basically your typical rom-zom plot.

Warm Bodies is adapted from the young adult novel by Isaac Marion of the same title. It’s about a Zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) who falls in love with the still-normal Julie (Teresa Palmer) after eating her boyfriend’s brains and absorbing his memories.

EW has provided the film’s newest poster for our viewing pleasure. It’s in the same style as the first poster, and features Hoult handing Palmer a flower, showing that just because he’s a zombie, it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten how to woo a girl. The poster also features the phrase “He’s still dead, but he’s getting warmer.”

I’m always game for a good genre-blender, and director Jonathan Levine is a master, cranking out the best cancer-comedy in memory with 2011’s 50/50. The first trailer we saw for Warm Bodies was pretty awesome, and hinted toward another excellent blend of humor and heart.

Warm Bodies hits theaters February 1, 2013.

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