Brightburn Director Teases Possible Sequels, Says They’ll Be A Surprise


When the trailer dropped for Brightburn late in 2018, cinephiles across the nation were abuzz. The fresh new take on superpowers looked as interesting as it was surprising. No one had heard much about the film and most of the details still remained unknown even after the teaser was released.

The fact that Elizabeth Banks and James Gunn were both tied to the project made it even more enticing. Just as director David Yarovesky had planned, fans of the extremely successful superhero genre were left wanting more after watching the trailer. His purposeful attempt to keep audiences in the dark about his latest production in hopes that they would then be captivated when they finally saw his eerie vision of a young alien with otherworldly powers paid off.

Although the film still hasn’t even finished its opening weekend, there’s already talk of a potential sequel or two. If the box office numbers are there, which may be a challenge considering the stiff competition of Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin and Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut Booksmart, then the studio will be more than inclined to turn the horror movie into a franchise.


According to Yarovesky though, any potential follow-ups to Brightburn would have to maintain the secrecy of the first in order to be successful.

“To me, if we are so lucky as to ever expand the universe of Brightburn, I would like to do it in the same way: that no one would see it coming and then we would drop some really surprising thing on everyone.”

This could mean that fans may wake up any day to an unexpected new trailer for the movie’s sequel. In an age where it’s incredibly difficult to keep news under wraps, Yarovesky’s already managed to do so once. Now, however, there’ll be increased interest around any moves for a second installment.

All of this is, of course, contingent upon the success of Brightburn. The movie’s currently playing in theaters now throughout the world and depending on what audiences think, it may very well be the start of yet another creepy horror franchise.