Power Rangers Character Posters Unveil Revamped Army Of Zords


Two weeks from now, all eyes in the movie industry will be trained on New York Comic-Con, when major players from all across Hollywood will be in town to parade their upcoming tentpoles. Lionsgate is one such studio to have locked down plans to showcase its wares, and given Dean Israelite’s live-action tentpole is on course to deploy on March 24, Power Rangers is set to be one of the biggest pictures in attendance – quite literally, judging by these new character posters.

Whereas previously released one-sheets have drawn attention to the redesigned suits – along with the fresh-faced Rangers piloting them – today’s info dump is all about the mechanized Zords that will be stomping onto the silver screen early next year.


Peer a little closer and you’ll discover that Israelite’s monstrous assault vehicles are actually modelled on the Dinozords from the original Power Rangers series – the Blue Ranger can be seen sprawled across the head of a Triceratops, for instance. As is often the case, Lionsgate is surely on the verge of dropping the first teaser trailer for its bold reboot, with all signs currently pointing to the New York Comic-Con panel – pegged for October 8 – presenting the perfect opportunity to do so.

If that’s the case, expect to get a glance of Dacre Montgomery, Becky G, Ludi Lin, Naomi Scott and RJ Cyler in action as those Mighty Morphin’ heroes – along with their respective Zords – and, potentially, Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston as Rita Repulsa and Zordon, respectively.

Hoping to jump-start a new franchise at Lionsgate, Powers Rangers is expected to arrive on March 24, 2017.

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