Power Rangers Reboot Will Reportedly Be Fun, Silly And Colorful

Power-Rangers-Movie-Blu-ray-cover-art (1)

While it certainly has its fans, 2017’s Power Rangers reboot was not the mainstream success Lionsgate was hoping for. While many appreciated the attempt to deepen the characterization of the Rangers, the moodier tone didn’t sit all that well with the style of the original series and it seemed this alienated more casual moviegoers who were hoping for an easily-accessible, family-friendly adventure.

With Paramount now spearheading a separate reboot of the Mighty Morphin franchise though, it seems the studio has learned from the mistakes of the last one. We Got This Covered has been told by our sources – the same ones that said Transformers reboot is in the works and that Disney is doing a Beauty and the Beast spinoff for Gaston, both of which we now know to be true – that the new Power Rangers film’s tone can be compared to Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. 

From what we understand, the upcoming reboot will be “colorful,” “fun” and “silly,” with our sources saying the aim is to deliver something with a very different tone to the 2017 effort. These descriptors will likely please fans, as all of these words can be accurately used to describe the original 1990s show as well.

Having Thor: Ragnarok as an influence would definitely be no bad thing, of course, as that MCU flick managed to combine wild comic book-y concepts with a lot of great comedy and an underrated amount of drama. If Paramount’s Power Rangers can come anywhere close to that, it could be a big hit.

WGTC has also heard that the pic, directed by The End of the F—ing World’s Jonathan Entwistle, will bring back the very first Mighty Morphin line-up from 1993. As confirmed by THR in December, the movie will take a bunch of modern-day Rangers back to the 1990s and we understand that this is how they’ll meet the old team, which would make the film more of a legacy sequel/crossover than a plain reboot.

In any case, things seem to pressing ahead smoothly on the project, with actors already being eyed for the new generation, so be sure to stay tuned for more on the next phase of the Power Rangers franchise.