Power Rangers Scribe Originally Had A Different Idea In Mind For Post-Credits Scene


Proving that post-credits scenes needn’t be exclusive to Hollywood’s thriving superhero genre, Lionsgate and director Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers snuck in an end-credits teaser during the final moments of their radical reboot.

Those of you who hung around after the credits rolled back in March will know that that sequence in question largely centered on the sixth member of the Powers Rangers, fuelling speculation that Tommy Oliver (AKA the Green Ranger) would be introduced in a possible sequel – Rangers may not have lit up the box office in the way Lionsgate and Saban would’ve hoped, but strong Blu-ray sales have meant that a second movie isn’t necessarily off the table.

Heck, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer once claimed that Israelite’s big-screen revival could launch a franchise spanning seven movies in total, so even if there are still many questions yet to be answered when it comes to the future of Angel Grove’s mascots, there’s a real desire to mold the Powers Rangers into a bona fide juggernaut. Only time will tell if those tentative plans come to pass, but as John Gatins tells ComicBook.com, both he and Dean Israelite originally had a different idea in mind when it came to the film’s after-credits stinger.

Well we were going to have that there was a brawl in the lunch room. And a couple of our kids saying: ‘Man, what happened?’ ‘Dude there was this violent fight. There’s this one crazy kid, the new kid.’ ‘Which kid, Tommy Oliver?’ ‘Yeah’. So you would have felt like Tommy dropped into their world.

Director Dean Israelite was quick to clarify that even in this post-credits scene, the identity of Tommy would’ve remained a mystery – hardly surprising given Lionsgate is yet to officially announce their actor of choice – before noting that this proposed sequence didn’t really make a lot of sense: “It didn’t work to be in this cafeteria where we had only spent one second [of the movie] in.”

Power Rangers is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, but what are your hopes for the future of the series? Assuming you think the Rangers deserve a future on the silver screen, of course. You can drop your thoughts, comments, and concerns via the usual place.

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