The Rangers Stand Tall On This New Poster


Unfortunately for Lionsgate, the opinion on their upcoming Power Rangers reboot remains somewhat split right now. The studio’s got a lot riding on the film – namely, franchise plans – but so far, they’ve been having trouble getting everyone on board. While the most recent trailer did go some way in fixing that, there’s still a good portion of fans who aren’t happy with what the studio’s done with their beloved Rangers.

We’ll have to wait until next month to know for certain if Lionsgate has a hit on their hands here or not, but in the meantime, we can continue to sit back and enjoy the marketing campaign for the blockbuster, which has put out some slick pieces of promotional material recently. The latest comes in the form of a new poster that assembles all five Rangers as they stand tall with the tagline, ‘Together We Are More.’

It follows suit with what we’ve already seen and has us hopeful that director Dean Israelite hasn’t ruined what many people remember very fondly. Don’t fool yourself, just because the franchise isn’t quite as prevalent or relevant as it once was, it’s still got a very loyal fanbase, one which will be putting this new reboot under the microscope and scrutinizing every aspect of it. No doubt it’ll fail to please everyone, but as long as it could win over the majority of viewers, the studio should have no problem pushing ahead with a sequel.

If nothing else, it’ll be fun seeing talent like Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks in a film like this and if the trailers are anything to go by, there will definitely be a lot of entertainment to be found thanks to some effective CGI and stylish set pieces. Really, at this stage, we can’t see this one being a bomb. It may not quite light the box office on fire, but it’ll no doubt cause enough of a stir to properly kick off a new franchise for Lionsgate and introduce a whole new generation to the Power Rangers.