Prehistoric Shark Thriller Meg Starts Filming As Jason Statham And Li Bingbing Pose For First Snap


If you’ve swung by any form of social media today, you’ll have likely clocked eyes on the nerve-shredding footage of a great white shark becoming entangled in a diver’s cage…while the diver was still helplessly locked in. Miraculously, he emerged unharmed soon after the shark wriggled out after breaking through the metal bars.

Experts were quick to stress that the animal was likely confused – and rightfully so – as sharks typically experience a moment of sudden blindness just as they bite down on a piece of meat or other animal. This, coupled with the fact that sharks are unable to swim backwards, means that in all likelihood, the great white wasn’t acting aggressively, despite what the tabloids would have you believe.

Incidentally, a shark making the headlines comes on the day that Meg, Jon Turtletaub’s maritime thriller centering on the prehistoric, 75-foot long beast known as the Megalodon, officially enters production ahead of its 2018 release. The first photo has emerged to prove it, starring Jason Statham and Transformers: Age of Extinction star Li Bingbing as they prepare to hit the high seas. Also starring Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson and Fear the Walking Dead‘s Cliff Curtis, the Warner Bros. pic is the big-screen rendition of Steve Alten’s 1997 sci-fi novel, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, chronicling one Jonas Taylor, a decorated deep sea diver who plunges beneath the waves only to encounter a Megalodon, live and in the flesh, somewhere around the Marina Trench.

Meg has been tentatively slated for release on March 2, 2018. It sounds like a much more serious affair than, say, the crude Piranha series, but what are your early thoughts about Turtletaub’s movie?