Prepare For Invasion With These Hi-Res Arrival Stills

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find smart sci-fi these days, especially in the mainstream. Most of the genre’s recent efforts have focused more on dazzling effects and one-upping each other with city-wide destruction so bombastic that it’d make even Michael Bay shudder. But then comes along a film like Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, a confident, smart, genuine and touching piece of sci-fi that instantly turns heads.

Coming out of the Toronto International Film Festival, the director’s latest effort generated quite a bit of buzz, drawing praise almost across the board, including from our very own Matt Donato, who said the following:

Arrival challenges viewers to a brainier sci-fi conundrum than they’re used to, which makes for an intellectual breath of fresh air.

With the flick now out in theatres, and doing fairly well for itself at the box office, Paramount has released a big batch of hi-res stills which you can browse in the gallery above. They mostly focus on stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, but some of the supporting actors as well as Villeneuve himself also get their time in the spotlight. There’s nothing here that will reveal very much about the plot, but that’s a good thing – this is one film that’s better off seen with a clean slate.

Arrival is now in theatres everywhere, and with the reception it’s been getting so far, don’t be too surprised to see it crop up again come awards season – especially in regards to Adams’ stunning performance.