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‘Prey’ director rules himself out of the legacy sequel few people seem to be asking for

Well, that's one name of the shortlist.

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We’re fully aware that legacy sequels are all the rage these days, and it’ll no doubt continue to remain that way for some time to come, but is anyone really demanding that 1996’s entertaining disaster epic Twister gets dusted off and shoved back into the public eye?

Sure, the original was a massive hit that earned almost $500 million at the box office and continues to endure as pure dumb fun of the most over-the-top order, but developing a direct sequel a quarter of a century later called Twisters that follows the daughter of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton’s characters from the original seems like the laziest way of putting the project together.

Top Gun: Maverick‘s Joseph Kosinski was attached to direct Twister 2 once upon a time, but a recent report indicated that things have started over from scratch, with the purported shortlist of behind-the-camera candidates including Bumblebee‘s Travis Knight, Free Solo duo Jimmy Chin and Elizabeeth Chai Vaserhelyi, and Prey‘s Dan Trachtenberg.

Well, not quite. Having already tackled a stagnant IP in spectacular fashion, it would appear as though Trachtenberg isn’t interested in returning to the well – having unequivocally ruled himself out of the running on Twitter.

Some legacy follow-ups do manage to justify their own existence and then some, with the aforementioned Kosinski’s Maverick being a staggering example, but the jury remains out on whether the world needs another Twister until we see it for ourselves, although we at least know who won’t be directing the questionable reinvention.

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