Child’s Play Remake Director Teases That Production Has Begun


“Week 1. Let’s play.”

Those are the digital words of Lars Klevberg (Polaroid), who has seemingly announced the start of production on MGM’s somewhat controversial Child’s Play remake.

We say controversial because while Universal and Don Mancini are plotting new film sequels (and a full-blown TV series) for their beloved Devil Doll, MGM is hoping to fast-track its contemporary horror remake so that it enters development first – all without receiving the blessing of Mancini and fellow co-creator David Kirschner, who have been the creative driving force behind the Child’s Play franchise for decades. It’s no wonder they’re not best pleased by MGM’s approach.

However that may be, Lars Klevberg’s project shows no sign of slowing down – if anything, it’s only gaining more and more momentum, as the following pic reveals the script from Tyler Burton Smith strategically placed next to Chucky’s famous knife.

First spotted by the good folks at Bloody Disgusting, the caption simply reads, “week 1, let’s play,” (the less said about Klevberg’s choice of hashtags, the better), so it’s unclear if the filmmaker is announcing the start of pre-production, or that he’s received a finished spec from Tyler Burton Smith.

The Instagram post is already a week old at this point, so it would be pretty strange for MGM and Co. to push forward with its Child’s Play remake without announcing its official cast within the first two weeks of production. All we know for sure is that it definitely won’t include Brad Dourif, who refuses to voice Chucky without Don Mancini and David Kirschner bring involved.

Still, we’ll be bringing you all the latest as the Child’s Play franchise (including that aforementioned TV series from Mancini) begins to take its next steps, so be sure to stay tuned.