Prometheus Engineer Has His Say In Deleted Scene

This year’s blockbuster season was given a debate-arousing start with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the mythology-linked but unofficial prequel to his 1979 masterpiece, Alien. Despite excelling at the box office – at time of writing it has raked in $386 million worldwide – the film has divided fans and critics due to inevitable comparisons to its predecessor.

As the Blu-Ray release date edges closer and fanboys across the globe salivating at the prospect of more of the Prometheus mythos to be revealed (and argued over), one deleted scene has already surfaced to kickstart that brawl.


That scene is one which has incited debate across forums web-wide. As the film reaches its climax, old man Weyland speaks to the Engineer through a translation performed by android David. In the version seen in theatres, the Engineer then rips off David’s head, wields it as a weapon then doles out some blunt force trauma to Weyland, killing him.

However, in this alternate version the Engineer speaks! The scene may also settle the argument of what the Engineers use for oral hygiene as it is obvious that the Engineer’s gargle rocks.

Upon viewing this clip it’s safe to say we all know Bruce Wayne didn’t really go to Italy after The Dark Knight Rises. No. He went to a post-production suite to do ADR for Prometheus.

Whether or not this revelatory scene will satiate Prometheus fans or incite further uproar, it does fall victim to the maxim that the unknown is more satisfying in your imagination than onscreen. Could the voice of an Engineer ever fulfil the proclamation one would expect from their maker?

The discussion will continue when the Blu-Ray of Prometheus is released on October 11th.

(Source: Indiewire)

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