New Prometheus Set Photos Reveal Unseen Engineer Characters

Polarizing would be an apt term to describe Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, which has an avid detractor for every awed champion for the sci-fi epic. One thing that isn’t up for debate though is that this pseudo Alien prequel asks a great deal of cerebral questions without offering too many answers.

Today, the mystery continues to unravel as thanks to a group of set photos, we have a glimpse at some new characters from the puzzling opening sequence that were cut from the theatrical release.

It was also revealed recently that Scott plans to include 20 to 30 minutes of deleted scenes when Prometheus hits DVD and Blu-Ray later this year. Some of those scenes will only be available as special features while others will be viewable through an extended, director’s cut.

With Prometheus now in its second weekend of release, Scott and co. are now teasing those future scenes through the images below, which include Daniel James and Ian Whyte in heavy prosthetics and makeup as two of the film’s Engineers and Matthew Rook as the yet-unseen Elder Engineer (that’s the bloke in the fancy suit).

It’s now clear that there is much more to the sacrificial opening scene and while it’s doubtful that additional content will make things crystal clear, perhaps we will come a bit closer to understanding some of the mysteries of Prometheus.