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Rachel McAdams Forgets The Vow This Valentine’s Day

If you're a guy and you're in a relationship, consider next Valentine's Day covered. That's because it's the day that Rachel McAdams' new romantic drama hits your local movie theatre establishment. Mark it on the calendar because that's where you'll be.

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If you’re a guy and you’re in a relationship, consider next Valentine’s Day covered. That’s because it’s the day that Rachel McAdams’ new romantic drama hits your local movie theatre establishment. Mark it on the calendar, because that’s where you’ll be.

Entitled, The Vow, the film follows a married couple who go through a very tough time when the wife (McAdams) enters a coma after a severe accident. Being unconscious for so long causes the character to contract amnesia – making her forget her life before the accident. The result is her husband (played by female favourite, Channing Tatum,) pulling overtime to try to make her remember their relationship, as well as the reasons why she loves him.

Things get complicated when Scott Speedman enters the picture as another romantic option. He is rumored to be playing an old flame who has never stopped loving McAdams’ lively character. His only goal is to steal her away from the man who married her.

If the aforementioned synopsis brings back memories of The Notebook, you’re not alone.

Who will get the girl? If that’s the question inside your head, make a date for February 14th to be one of the first to find out.

Check out the trailer below and let your girlfriend (or boyfriend) know that you’ve already started thinking about next year’s Valentine’s Day plans.