Steven Spielberg Left Indiana Jones 5 Because He Wants To Pass Along Indy’s Whip

indiana jones

You’ve probably caught the news, broken by Variety, that Steven Spielberg won’t be directing the fifth Indiana Jones film, prospectively titled Indiana Jones 5 (neat, eh?). Spielberg has helmed every movie in the franchise to this point, but now the chair looks set to be filled by someone else. The question on everyone’s lips is, why?

Well, Variety’s story included what they believe to be the reason that Hollywood’s most revered living filmmaker has decided to hand the role to someone else. Specifically, they state that Spielberg’s move has been driven by his “desire to pass along Indy’s whip to a new generation and bring their perspective to the story.” That’s as decent a motive as any.

They also went on to stress that he’ll retain a hands-on producer’s role on the project. He hasn’t quite let go entirely then. Not to blame him for it, either, as Indiana Jones clearly has a unique place in his heart. No other franchise has retained as lasting or as deep an association with the man, and given the number of blockbusters he’s produced, that’s saying something.

indiana jones

If I might be permitted to speculate further on possible reasons for his exit, I’d say that after four outings with Indy, and with only so many projects to make time for (I don’t know how to put it more tactfully), perhaps Steven is prioritizing. Perhaps he’s exhausted his Indiana Jones creative well. Or maybe he really does want to pass on the whip, so to speak. Or maybe it’s a combination of all three?

In any case, we’ll find out all in my exclusive interview with Spielberg himself later this week. Oh er, that’s not actually happening. My Indiana Jones 5 speculation will have to do I’m afraid. Sorry.