A Serbian Film Receives Red Band Trailer And U.S. Release

The internet hype for Srdjan Spasojevic‘s A Serbian Film hasn’t been so kind, especially when it comes to the topic of child pornography. To say the film is controversial would be a MASSIVE understatement. It has been released in other parts of the world for all to try to enjoy and now it’s arriving in the US next month (in theatres and on VOD) with an edited version that pushes the boundaries of the NC-17 MPAA rating.

If you miss out at seeing it in the theaters, then don’t worry, because it will be available on home video by the end of the year. The VOD version is said to include a few scenes that had to be cut for the edited theatrical version but there will still be a few minor edits made from the full version. Apparently the only way to see the full version in its entirety will be on Blu-Ray/DVD when it’s released.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the film  along with the trailer. Check it out below and ask yourself, are you brave enough to see the film that has people wishing they can ‘unsee’ it?

“Milos, a family man and ex-porn star, misses his glory days when he could provide his wife and son with a life of luxury. When a mysterious movie director offers him a succulent job, he decides to go back to work. But what he never suspected is that what they’re about to film turns out to be heartbreakingly real. The new wave of Serbian horror appears to be prepared to make French genre films look like sweet caresses. Extreme violence and sex come together in this season’s most brutal movie.”

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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