Red Notice loses top Netflix spot to critically-panned newcomer

red notice

Red Notice has dominated Netflix since its launch at the beginning of the month and has maintained the number one spot on the platform in the US for most of that time. However, the action-comedy film has been pushed off the top by a new TV series that has critics and fans torn.

According to FlixPatrol, taking the number one spot on Netflix today is the recently released live-action Cowboy Bebop series based on the anime of the same name.

Since launching on Nov. 19, reviews have been mixed for the series, which stars John Cho, Mustafa Skair, and Daniella Pineda. A popular criticism has been that, despite its flashy production and impressive visuals, the series doesn’t capture what the original anime was able to bring to fans.

Despite this, the show has been watched by plenty of fans, becoming the number one most-watched addition to the streaming platform in the US and other regions around the globe including Australia and Canada.

Though it isn’t number one overall, Red Notice has maintained the number one movie spot on the streaming service since its release, continuing its trajectory to be the most successful Netflix movie of all time.

During the month of November, Netflix brought a ton of popular content to the platform, both new and returning. Popular additions included Arcane, the smash-hit series based on League of Legends, and a second season of the 2020 success Tiger King. All of these series are available to stream now around the globe on Netflix.