Resident Evil Movie Reboot Reportedly Set For September 2021 Release


It’s been less than four years since the conclusion of the Resident Evil film series, but production on the reboot is ploughing ahead undaunted. As such, we now have a date to pencil in for the pic’s release.

According to the website of Constantin Film, the company spearheading the movie’s production, we can expect it to hit theaters on September 9th, 2021. Although the site is solely in German, the barebones listing is pretty unambiguous on the statement. And while this most probably refers specifically to the planned timing for the reboot’s release in the company’s native Germany, there’s no reason to assume that it will differ from country to country by more than a few days.

Also of note is the date being suffixed by “im kino,” translating to “in cinemas,” indicating that the plan is to ensure the production makes it to the big screen, unlike Warner Bros., who recently came under fire for announcing their intention to dump next year’s slate on HBO Max.

The Resident Evil reboot is set to hew far closer to the games than any of Paul W.S. Anderson’s movies did, with numerous set photos strongly alluding to locations and events from the first two installments of the series with which longtime fans of the franchise will be intimately familiar.

Right now, the climate of uncertainly makes it an increasingly frustrating task to try to keep track of the release dates for films, but September next year is far enough in the future that it can be optimistically hoped that world conditions will have gradually returned to something resembling normal, whatever that might ultimately look like. Justification for the existence of a new Resident Evil movie might still be considered questionable, but at least for now, there’s the tacit promise of the opportunity to view it as intended.