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Report Claims Fox Is Already Mapping Out Plans For Deadpool 3 With X-Force

Fox is actively developing Deadpool 3, according to a new THR report, and it looks like X-Force will be involved after all.

Though reports would have you believe Deadpool 2 was being readied to enter production in January, the back-to-back loss of Tim Miller and Junkie XL (AKA composer Tom Holkenborg) has inevitably postponed those plans far into 2017 as Fox casts the net for a replacement director.

In what can be seen as a sign of good faith, The Hollywood Reporter brings word today that the studio is actively mapping out plans for Deadpool 3, a sequel that would herald the long-rumored arrival of the X-Force. It’s pre-emptive, of course; Deadpool 2 is still some ways away from entering production in earnest, though this can be seen as Fox’s way of future-proofing the Merc With a Mouth now that the core X-Men franchise has been placed on an indefinite hiatus following the release of Apocalypse. Couple this with the oncoming Logan, a movie that will signal Hugh Jackman’s final foray as Wolverine, and there’s certainly an air of transition looming over Fox’s mutant universe.

Confirming earlier reports to be true, John Wick‘s David Leitch is said to be in negotiations for the vacant Deadpool 2 gig, with writer-director Drew Goddard also among those candidates shortlisted. When it comes to Deadpool 3, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that THR has labelled X-Force to be a shoo-in for a crossover.

Wade Wilson himself Ryan Reynolds has previously stated that a spinoff movie revolving around the mutant supergroup ought to be an R-rated priority, and introducing them in the anti-hero threequel could act as a neat springboard for future movies. We’ll be bringing you more from the gestating Deadpool universe as this story develops, but for now, be sure to let us know your thoughts down below.

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