New Report Reaffirms That Suicide Squad 2 Will Begin Filming In October Of 2018


Amid all the hoopla surrounding Justice League underperforming at the box office and what that may mean for the future of the DC Extended Universe, one movie that we consider to be “safe” is Suicide Squad 2. After all, not only was the first film a financial and merchandising success, but it was proudly listed among others as still being part of DC’s upcoming slate at a Brazilian convention over the weekend.

Still, we’ve all had reason to wonder when Task Force X will embark on their next cinematic mission. As you may recall, none other than Gavin O’Connor was brought in to direct, filling the shoes of David Ayer. Upon hearing that, one would assume that we’d be off to the races, but it’s important not to forget that so many actors who happen to be in high demand populate the cast.

Over the summer, reports surfaced saying that filming on the sequel wouldn’t commence until next fall due to Will Smith being tied up with other projects. Now, Omega Underground reaffirms that by saying cameras will begin rolling in October of 2018.

Actually, there’s been other recent news that hinted at this development, that being Margot Robbie saying that she’d reprise her wildly popular role of Harley Quinn at some point in 2018. When you think about it, Suicide Squad 2 seemed like the most natural choice to make before possibly spinning her off into movies of her own. Plus, this will give O’Connor and company ample time to begin crafting the story and possibly make room for new characters, one of which is rumored to be Black Adam. Color us excited!