Resident Evil Movie Reboot Will Reportedly Make Fans Of The Game Very Happy

Resident Evil

The Resident Evil film franchise may be the highest-grossing series of video game adaptations in the history of cinema with a box office haul in excess of $1.2 billion, but the movies driven by Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich weren’t entirely reflective of the source material, focusing more on the action elements than the unsettling horror and lurching sense of dread that has characterized the long-running string of console favorites.

Luckily for fans of Capcom’s iconic property, there’s a slew of new Resident Evil content in the works that looks to scratch every possible itch. Netflix’s animated Infinite Darkness debuted very recently and operates as a faithful interpretation of the saga, while the streaming service also has a live-action series in the works with the always-reliable Lance Reddick heading up the cast as Albert Wesker.

Sony are additionally throwing their hat into the ring, with 47 Meters Down director Johannes Roberts helming rebooted prequel Welcome to Raccoon City, with the filmmaker also rewriting a script that was initially drafted up by horror veteran James Wan and Mortal Kombat scribe Greg Russo.

The latest chapter in the Resident Evil story isn’t coming to theaters until November 24th, but a social media scooper with a purported inside track on Welcome to Raccoon City claims that it’s going to make fans of the games very happy, as you can see below.

We’ve been hearing from all of the major players that Welcome to Raccoon City will be the most faithful live-action Resident Evil yet, and there’s a solid cast of rising stars and established veterans on board that possess all of the potential to deliver a creepy R-rated horror that sends audiences home singing its praises.