New Resident Evil Reboot Set Photos Confirm Return Of An Iconic Location


Bar the arrival of Capcom’s well received Resident Evil 3 remake back in the spring, 2020 has been a relatively quiet year for the survival horror series.

This is very much a calm before the storm situation, however, as once the New Year rolls around, fans are going to be spoiled for choice. For those not aware, 2021 marks the franchise’s 25th anniversary and there are celebrations aplenty planned to take place over the course of several months. We’ve already seen multiple teasers alluding to special events and announcements, of course, but there’s a wealth of content on the way as well that has long since ceased to be a secret.

Kicking off with Resident Evil Village‘s presumed Q1 launch for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC (last-gen consoles may also get their own downgraded versions), the deluge of post-apocalyptic zombie action continues with two Netflix original series’ (one animated, the other live action) and, perhaps most excitingly, director Johannes Roberts’ movie reboot.

The latter of these is currently being filmed in Canada, with various set and on-location photos having previously emerged online. Today marks the arrival of several more, confirming the return of a particularly noteworthy place, as you can see below.

In regard to the significance of Emmy’s Diner, the hangout is notable for being Claire Redfield’s location in the original Resident Evil 2 when she first encounters the undead. Attempting to escape the advances of a walking corpse, the heroine makes for the exit, only to be met by rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy, who swiftly puts a bullet between the eyes of her pursuer.

What makes this discovery especially interesting, then, is the inference that Resident Evil‘s return to the big screen will more closely follow Capcom’s original games, rather than the recent remakes. Ultimately, it matters little, given that the central plot of both remains largely the same, but it’ll be interesting to see just where, exactly, Roberts draws his inspiration from.

Resident Evil is scheduled for a theatrical release in 2021.