Revealing New Trailer For Ice Age: Continental Drift

I think I have a short-term memory condition surrounding the latest Ice Age film. Every time I hear about it or report on it, I suddenly remember the film exists, and then as soon as I look away, I forget until I’m forced to confront reality again.

I have nothing against Ice Age. It’s a solid, unoffensive children’s franchise. But at this point, the series seems to have little left to offer, and as I explained, none of the marketing for Continental Drift has left even a minor impression on me.

But this latest theatrical trailer has a line or two from Peter Dinklage, who co-stars as the villain. Given what an awesome piece of casting that is, I just may remember that Continental Drift exists for a few hours. Or I might just go break out my Game of Thrones DVDs. It’s a win-win solution either way.

Watch the trailer below, and tell us what you think:

Ice Age: Continental Drift arrives in 2D and 3D theatres July 13th.